Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Katsura

Height: 12cm                                     Width: 15cm

Price: £75

Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple) Root over Rock

Height:  16cm                                                       Width: 17cm

Pot: Handmade (potter unknown)          Price: £175

Satsuki Azalea Starter plant (2 year old)

Variety: Nikko   Flowering Period: May-June    Price: £10

Berberis Thunbergii  (Barberry)

Height:  10cm                                                                   Width: 9cm

Prices: £42

Spirea Snowmound

Height:  8cm                                               Width: 9cm

Price: £42

Lonicera pileata (shrub Honeysuckle)

Height:    7cm                                      Width:  5cm

Price: £32

Potentilla Fruticosa

Height:   10cm                                       Width: 8cm


Acer Buergerianum (Trident maple) root over rock

Height: 16cm                                       Width: 17cm

Price: £110


Height: 10cm                                     Width: 12cm

Price:  £70

Ulmus (Cork Bark Elm)

Height:  12cm                                            Width: 8cm

Price: £80


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